There are so many reasons to visit us on Facebook:


What's Happening?: Follow us to find out what we are up to. 

Contests: Life as an adult can be boring, so occasionally I will come up with a game or a contest, sometimes the prize will be a service and sometimes it'll be one of the gifts we sell here at Spa Angels.

Fund-raisers: We all need a little help from our friends, right? What better way to make friends than by helping, so please keep an eye out for these and whenever possible share with friends so they can help too.  

Specials: September is my birthday and I will be the one giving you the gift of savings! Book a Facial in September for only $75.00.  Regularly $95.  

Skin Care Information: Occasionally I'm asked a question, one I've heard before and think "I should make a note to tell everyone", or I learn something new and think, "Wow, everyone should know about this!" so...i will begin to do this via Facebook.  I'm trying to come up with a fun title for this. Keep checking to see what I've named my little information tidbit, column, page???